I confess that I enjoy giving our Wyoming neighbors in Jackson a hard time. They're probably tired of my constant references to Harrison Ford and Sandra Bullock. But, I'm not alone in poking some fun at the rich and famous as a recent visitor referred to their drive through Jackson like exploring "a billionaire's wilderness".

J Utah just shared this drive through on his YouTube channel and it really is just a chill journey through the different parts of Jackson.

Yes, Jackson is a gorgeous area and one of my family's favorite places to stare at gorgeous scenery. But, it's true that it is also part of the richest county not just in Wyoming, but America. I have to be honest and admit that part of the reason I share laughs about Jackson is that I'm probably envious of all their richness.

I think one of the reasons why many in Wyoming that aren't named Jackson tend to shun the area has to do with the difference in income between the wealthy there and the working folks. CNBC called Jackson out as the most unequal metro area in America in this area and there isn't even a close second.

J Utah didn't seem to intend anything negative about calling the Jackson drive the "billionaire's wilderness". But, it is one of the more accurate descriptions of that part of Wyoming I've seen in a long time.

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