If you feel like you're pretty important in the universe, I have something you need to see. It's two massive bears squaring off and it will humble you.

Tero Pylkkänen shared this on YouTube. It's a fight between two massive male brown bears who are battling for dominance. According to Tero, this encounter happened in the forests of Finland.

This is quite the confrontation. Bear Smart says that the bigger bear doesn't always win these fights. It's as much about attitude as it is about size. Whichever bear has more of the alpha male traits will likely prevail and end up ruling that area.

By the time that this bear battle is done, one is clinging to a tree and obviously deferring to the other male. I find it fascinating that these wild animals can have these clashes without completely destroying each other.

I have to admit that it was a reminder that I am but a tiny spec on the Earth compared to these massive beasts.

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