Yes!!  Jamey Johnson has just been awarded a plaque commemorating the gold certification of his 25-song double album, The Guitar Song. 

Besides having a fantastic beard that could house all kinds of critters, Jamey's one of the nicest and most sincere artists out there.  Plus his songs ring out with hard work, integrity, and honesty. 

At his gold party, Jamey made sure to recognize and thank "everyone" who made the occasion possible; from his band and producers, to his roadies, management, and record label.  Jamey said, "It's always cool to stop what you're doing and bring the whole team together.  These guys and gals usually don't get to see each other on a regular basis, so it's good when they do, we're celebrating an accomplishment like that.  It's something everybody worked equal parts on and holds an equal amount of responsibility for the success of it."

After the ceremony, Jamey walked across the the street to play a set at Bridgestone Arena as part of the Kid Rock Tour.  He's also nominated for "Album of the Year," at this year's Academy of County Music Awards.