We've all gone through a drive thru to grab a quick dinner when we're in a hurry, but poor customer service will ruin it for me EVERY time.

When I was younger I worked in the food service industry. I bussed tables, delivered pizzas and worked in the kitchen at a couple restaurants. I was in the process of going to school and starting my career in Radio. I knew that being polite, helpful and considerate to customers was an extremely important part of each of those jobs and learning to be good at interacting with customers has helped me throughout my entire career.

I mentioned that I worked all of those jobs and know how tough they are, I respect that they are working to pay their rent, make money for their family or pay their way through school. I always try to be polite and courteous because I've been there and know what it's like to have to work after a long day of school, working another job or just having a bad day. When did employee's being polite and courteous STOP being important in food service, which by the way happens to be in the CUSTOMER SERVICE industry? I don't frequently go through a drive thru, but have noticed that the professionalism at some places has been tossed out with the old grease. I know the customers aren't always the best to deal with, but this had nothing to do with a customer...just the employees that were working.

Online I found an article from eatthis.com that lists secret rules from the fast food industry and of the 14 rules...there's not 1 of those rules that says to be a jerk, have bad attitudes, use foul language loudly in earshot of customers, be condescending, look like you just rolled out of bed or make rude comments about other customers. When I last went through a drive thru, ALL of those no no's of customer service happened. It wasn't the first time I've been to this particular location and had a poor experience, BUT I like the place and decided to go back.

I've never been one to call or go online and complain about things like that, but this time I did.  I don't want anyone to be fired, I don't want free stuff, I don't want an apology, I want businesses to be successful and keep business. There are plenty of places that I will choose instead of this location next time I'm in a hurry. The food tasted fine (but sloppy and messy), the quickness was good, but the service was horrible.

Eater.com offered some tips about when and how to complain at a restaurant and one stood out. If you're not sure when, where or why you should complain, take a look at that list.

We are all human and aren't always in a good mood, but I work hard for my money just like food service workers do, if I'm going to spend it on food out I at least want a good experience. Job seeker website Indeed.com has a list of 7 important characteristics of GREAT customer service  and I recommend taking a look at them if you're working with customers.


Problem-solving skills

Communication skills


Active Listening Skills

Positive Attitude

Quick Response Time

These all seem pretty easy to use and basic to follow. If you're in charge of hiring, this should all be part of the training. GREAT customer service, creates recurring customers!

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