WOO WOO!  We have a winner!  Thanks for all of your patience. (I usually have the results out there by late Friday)  What can I say?  It was a short but very busy week, as I'm sure you can agree with.  Again, we hope you have a very warm and memorable holiday weekend.  Thanks for putting up with us. 























Today we celebrate the eagle eyes of Tiffany Rayner and Beth Pearce, two awesome ladies who obviously know a bank when they see one.  No doubt, it was Hilltop National.  Congratulations!  You've both won a pair of passes to the downtown Movie Palaces, and a prominent position in my newly-created Cowboy Calender of Fame.  Just stop by 150 North Nichols in Casper during regular business hours to claim your prize.

"Your" turn's coming up soon!