Another great week of trying to find the Cowboy has come to an end.  I almost thought I had you stumped, but I should just admit that you're too sharp for me.   Oh well, I'll keep trying.

...but not until after the new year.

Did you catch that?  We're going to take a little break from the contest to give us all some peace and a chance to make the most of the holiday.  Don't worry.  We'll go back into hiding come January.

Just click through to see this week's winner, and thanks for playing!

Check out that cheesy smile!  Yep!  I was at the Casper Planetarium.  Congratulations to Velvet Locklin and Michele Siedenburg.  It was written in the stars that they both would win a pair of passes to the downtown Movie Palaces.

Those can be redeemed at our studios, 15o North Nichols at your convenience.  Thanks for playing!