The Pin Cancer Campaign is a call to action to help defeat the world's toughest opponent by rallying the greater US wrestling community in the fight against cancer.

1 in 2 people are directly affected by cancer.   Our family was directly affected by cancer when my husbands dad passed away from cancer almost 10 years ago now after an almost 2 year battle.

The Pin Cancer Campaign seeks to become how every level of the wrestling community can fight cancer and raise awareness, together.

The Pin Cancer Campaign was started in the Fall of 2011 by two coaches from the Northern, NJ area. Dan Tramontozzi and Will Livingston (both graduates of Kittatinny High School) began the journey in honor of their mother's who are currently battling cancer. The two realized the match their mom's were fighting was bigger than any match they starred in throughout their standout careers. They wanted to help raise awareness throughout the greater wrestling community and unite the toughest sport in the world to help bring down the toughest opponent.

I know of one wrestler from Natrona County Mustangs whose mother battled cancer this past season, and won.  Unfortunately,  I am certain there have been more families who have been affected by cancer and will continue to be more in the coming years. The wrestling community is a very tight knit family like community and I can't think of a better way to team up and fight this battle.  I'd love to see a friendly competition between not only the School Teams around the state, but also the USA wrestling teams.

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