If these charges are true, this Wyoming guy should get a special award for persistence (and maybe nerve). He allegedly shoplifted from a store, left then came back and applied for a job.

I came across this strange story on Yahoo. Their report originated from The Gillette News Record. Here's the nuts and bolts of what allegedly occurred:

  1. Gillette man goes to store
  2. Gillette man allegedly shoplifts sunglasses and bullets
  3. Gillette man leaves store
  4. Gillette man returns to store to apply for a job
  5. Gillette man allegedly attempts to steal two more pairs of sunglasses
  6. Police officers ticket man for allegedly being dumber than snot
  7. Gillette police officers allegedly laugh as they tell each other this story back at the station

That last one may or may not have happened, but I wouldn't blame them if they did.

I would like to extend a special thank you to The Gillette News Record for giving me one of the biggest laughs of the day. I hope the Gillette guy finds a job soon and pays for stuff without leaving from now on if he's guilty of what's been reported.

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