I have discovered what is apparently Wyoming's favorite scary movie. If this is true, this proves that we are certifiably weird.

This came to mind as the new Halloween movie debuts this weekend. It pretends that only the original Halloween movie happened and this would have been the sequel.

The buzz about the new Halloween movie led me to a website called the Streaming Observer. They broke down what horror movie each state is obsessed with. Is it the original Halloween? Nope. What about Friday the 13th. Guess again. Nightmare on Elm Street? Sorry, Freddy Krueger, you're not Wyoming's favorite.

The horror movie that Wyoming is most obsessed with is The Babadook. If you're like me, you're saying "WHAT IS THE BABADOOK"? Here you go.

IMDb describes it as a widowed mom who's son believes there's a ghost in their house. I haven't seen the movie, but I'm guessing that there is indeed a ghost in the house.

If you look at the Streaming Observer map of each state's interest in horror movies in general, you'll see Wyoming is the least interested of them all.

Add this to my growing pile of evidence that we are truly a strange people in Wyoming and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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