Cocktail trends have really changed over the past 10 years.  We're pretty sure no one was talking about mixologists or cotton candy-flavored vodka back in 2004.  With that being said, which drinks have managed to stay popular for the modern day drinker?

A real estate blog called Estately figured out the most popular cocktail in every state.  And they did it by looking at which cocktails got the most Google searches in each state from 2004 to 2014 (so it's not an exact science!).

But there were some very clear trends.  Cosmopolitans are still the most popular cocktail in five states in the northeast and that's about it - Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont.

Mint juleps are popular in southern states, and of course, Kentucky.

The state where mojitos are number one is as you might expect - Florida.  Sazeracs are only number one in Louisiana (and I'm going to have to look that one up).  Margaritas are only number one in Texas and mai tais are only number one in Hawaii.

Manhattans are number one in New York, although we're thinking it's possible that's just because people keep Googling places in Manhattan, which skews the numbers.

And here in Wyoming - apparently we're all craving Bloody Mary's, while our neighboring states prefer White Russians - Montana, Idaho, Utah as well as Alaska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Tennessee and North Carolina.  Who knew White Russians were such a popular cocktail?

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