Well, kiss my grits. Multiple sources have once again ranked Wyoming as one of the most redneck states in America. Yee freaking haw.

I take this revelation as good news as I have redneck tendencies. Whether or not you will likely will ride on whether you have an outhouse that doubles as a hunting blind. Multiple websites and YouTube channels claim that Wyoming is nearly redneck heaven. The first new place I saw this was World Population Review. They even included a very handy map. Notice how prominent Wyoming is based on their redneck metrics.

Infographic, World Population Review
Infographic, World Population Review
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How did they decide how many toothpicks we're likely to have in our mouth at any one moment in time? Here's how they explained it:

rankings of the most redneck states in the U.S. based on two metrics: the number of mobile homes per 100 housing units and the number of Walmarts per 1,000,000 people. They added these two numbers together to get a “redneck score” for each state.

I happen to like mobile homes, so I'm slightly offended by them using that.

World Population Review isn't the only place to slap that redneck label on us. One of my favorite video bloggers Nick Johnson also said we were 6th best (in a redneck kind of way).

Nick estimates that out of our population of around 700,000 total people, 690,000 folks are redneck in Wyoming. Funny and probably not that far from the truth. Nick adds rodeos to the redneck factor. I don't know that I'd refer to rodeos as redneck or not, but Nick's probably a city boy, so I'll let him slide on that one.

Do you agree with these outsiders labeling us as redneck and if so, do you consider it a good thing? As for me, I'll wear it as a badge of redneck honor.

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