We have to be careful not to jump to apocalyptic conclusions when there's an earthquake in Wyoming. But, I will admit that the one that struck just west of Rock Springs this morning was unusual.

The USGS is reporting this as a 3.3 earthquake and has been reviewed by a seismologist. We see hundreds of quakes near Yellowstone and Jackson every month. It's not often we see one that's measurable this far south in western Wyoming.


According to the USGS map, this one was big enough to be felt which is also unusual for this part of our state. Let's state the obvious and acknowledge that a 3.3 is not any kind of major quake. Not even close. But, when one hits that is somewhat close to the Wasatch Range in Utah which produced a major 5.7 quake a few months ago, it's worth noting.

A 3.3 is classified as minor by the USGS. It's worth remembering that earthquakes go up in order of magnitude for every .1 that a quake is measured by.

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