We live in the part of America where seeing a grizzly is very much a possibility. The same can be said for our neighbors in Canada who just had two grizzlies stop bicyclists on a highway.

Imagine running into these two very tall bears when all you have is 2 wheels underneath you and no doors to shut.

This grizzly road inspection happened on a highway near Banff, Alberta, Canada. Side note: Banff is a gorgeous part of Canada and highly recommended if you're up for a Canadian Rockies road trip. Oh, and they have a bear paw in their logo which makes sense when you watch this video.

Here's how the person who captured the video described the encounter:

Grizzly bears in Banff, mom and cub crossing the road on the front of car and cyclists. Mom stands up on back paws to check the car out.

Couple of observations. First, that's a big cub. Guessing between 1 and 2 years old not that far away from the time when the cub will leave mom and go be a bear by him/herself. Second, how tall is that mama? Live Science has some staggering bear facts including the note that a grizzly standing on its hind legs can easily exceed 8 feet. Even walking on all fours, a grizzly adult is between 3 and 4 feet tall.

The bicyclists did the right thing and didn't move a muscle until the grizzly sow checked them out and decided they weren't a threat and/or tasty.

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