Super Bowl XLVI or "46" for those of us who don't speak Roman, is almost here! On February 5th, the streets will lie as silent as any other big holiday. We will come together as a nation for a chance to drink heavily, root on the two best NFL teams, tear through towers of wings, and in one of life's greater ironies, actually look forward to watching commercials. 

In honor of the sacred event, I'd like to offer my Roman II cents. Here are Cowboy Troy's Top 11 Thoughts About The Super Bowl.




11)  It would be soooooooo much better if the Broncos were playing. God might even be interested.

10)  Sucks to be Peyton Manning. Little brothers are really overrated.

  9)  Maybe this is the year they finally bring back the Budweiser Frogs. Whasssssup....!

  8)  Which anorexic, botoxed,overpaid rock star is going to p__ all over the National Anthem this time? When are they just gonna call Trisha B? - or at least,Alison Krauss? I know...just replay that Whitney Houston version from 20 years ago.

  7)  What ever I do, stay away from Rick's "Green Chile Surprise." Gives the term "Super Bowl" a whole new meaning. 

  6)  Please see #11 and take a knee for #15.

  5)  I wonder if the cast from Jersey Shore will be there. If I see Snooki filing her nails and wasting a skybox view, I may just have to do something drastic.

  4)  How is Madonna going to upstage the whole world-wide spectacle? You know she'll try. It would totally rock if Janet Jackson was somehow involved.

  3)  I will not turn to the Lingerie Bowl.  I will not turn to the Lingerie Bowl.  I will not...

  2)  Everyone knows the next best thing to being at Lucas Oil Stadium is watching a drunken Troy run around the buffet table in his undies. Pictures don't lie. 

And the number 1 Cowboy Super Bowl thought is... 

  1)  Te"Mann"ing just doesn't have the same effect.


So, you can see what's on my mind. Lots of substance, huh? Honorable mentions go to "I wonder if anyone will run the 'option'," and "I bet that fanatic, Phelps, scored tickets."