When you're hiking in the wild, you're actually a guest in a land that wildlife calls home. One man learned this when he and his dog went for a hike and ran into a wolf.

According to the description, this encounter happened in Ontario, Canada.

Here's part of how he described what happened:

This happened early morning at around 6:30 am out on a hike with my Dog Korra in Oakville Ontario, after turning to face the rustling a large animal that I assume to be a wolf charged onto the hiking path and started challenging my dog...

Fortunately for all involved, this encounter ended without incident. It reminded me of a story from back in 2004 when a dog came snout-to-snout with a large black wolf named Romeo who turned out to be very friendly with a dog.

There's a fun Quora question about whether wolves and dogs get along. One of the best answers mentioned that there are too many variables to know for sure who an encounter will go. Sure, wolves are part of the dog family, but hunger, previous socialization, age, gender, etc all play a part in whether it's friendly or a fight.

Wolf.org estimates that wolves are generally not a threat to humans and despite the growing number of wolves, wolf attacks on humans are rare. Still, it's fortunate that this guy and his dog only had some barking to deal with and not a real battle.

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