Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at My Country!  We truly hope that you have a wonderful holiday and always realize how much you mean to us.  You're not just an audience, you're family...and for that we are truly thankful!

 And with that said, we give you Cowboy Troy's Top 11 Rejected Thanksgiving Holiday Names. 

11)  National Dad Ignore Dishes Day

10)  Stuffinival

  9)  Look What You Started, Columbus, Go To Hell Day (severely rejected)

  8)  NFL Thursday

  7)  ZZZ...ZZZ

  6)  Gobblefest

  5)  Happy Pre-Doorbusters

  4)  Reason To Eat Yams Day

  3)  Scalebration

  2)  Wishbonaroo

 And the number one rejected name is:

  1)  Thanksgetting (with honorable mention going to tryptophantasia and Cornucopiacon)