After what has been a rough year, it's a good thing when adversaries decide to get along. I didn't realize that includes wildlife and hunters as a new video shows 3 moose cows who made nice with a guy packing a very nice bow.

It's not often when you're waiting out nearby game in your hunting stand that the potential prey decides to come hang out. That's exactly what happened here.

According to the video description, this bow hunter/moose lovefest happened in St-François d'Assise, Québec, Canada. That's a very remote area of the Great White North not that far from the Atlantic Ocean.

You might remember that a similar thing happened last year when an elk made nice with hunters.

It was good news for the moose that this bow hunter did not appear to have moose tags. If they had been 3 deer, this might have ended much differently. As it stands, this ended up being a very friendly hunter/moose moment. Imagine the story these cows will have to tell the bull when they returned to the herd.

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