So...huge show at the Beacon Club on Saturday night.  The JaneDear Girls came to town and from everything I've seen, heard, and read, it was a fantastic experience.

Kudos to everyone who made it to this great concert.  Inexplicably absent:  yours truly, Cowboy Troy.  Where was I?  No doubt, I was a hot topic of conversation, and you spent a lot of time hovering around the bar and looking under tables searching for me.  I can happily report that I was not passed out in a back closet to save the station from embarrassment.  (like last time)

It actually  turns out that I had a good excuse.  As a matter of fact, I had 11 good excuses.  So without further ado; here are:

Cowboy Troy's Top 11 Excuses For Missing The JaneDear Girls

11)  Still owes Trisha Berry money

10)  In bed, nursing a bad case of "spring" fever

9)  Forgot the Beacon Club's address

8)  It just happened to be karaoke night

7)  Was in Deadwood blowing two months salary

6)  Still trying to memorize the words to "Wildflower"

5)  Rodeo Rick's laundry isn't going to do itself

4)  Allergic to faux animal prints

3)  Couldn't find his "Cowboy" hat

2)  Remains on the Beacon's "no-fly" list

...and the number one reason that Troy was unable to make it to the JaneDear Girls...

1) Mistakenly thought that was the night Toby Keith was performing on "Dancing with the Stars"

Can you think of another good excuse for me?  It might come in handy next time.

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