If you could have an extra 15 minutes added to each day, what would you do with it?  According to a new survey, women would reach for the snooze button if they were given an extra 15 minutes every day. Guys would reach for... well ... women!

More than 300 people participated in the informal survey for Great Clips hair salons, and about one in four women said they'd love to have 15 minutes more sleep.  While 28 percent of guys saying they'd like to spend their extra time with their woman.

Women rounded out their Top 5 by saying they'd like to spend time:

  • Cleaning house
  • Reading
  • Watching TV
  • Exercising

Guys had slightly different priorities, citing the desire to:

  • Sleep
  • Listen to Music
  • Exercise
  • Sit There and Do Nothing

For the record, "Sit there and do nothing" easily beat out more sex on the to-do list of the ladies surveyed.

Source: digitaljournal.com

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