Okay...we're one week away from the biggest sporting event of the year.  No matter who you root for, it's going a be a great day complete with great company, great food, and great football.  We can promise nothing about the halftime show, though.

We've also had some local football tryouts within the last week or so.  Both the Wyoming Cavalry and the Casper Storm have been choosing prospects.  And just so I wouldn't  feel left out, I'm thinking about starting my own league.

Here are my top 11 rejected football team names:

11)  The Casper Cow Patties

10)  The McMurrys

9)  Cowboy State Equaliteers

8)  Casper Mountain Men

7)  N.C.  Pathfinders

6)  Casper Slicks

5)  Rascal Plattes

4)  The Wyoming Frackers

3)  The Casper Turbines

2)  Casper Gusts

And "Cowboy's" number one rejected football team name is...The Central Wyoming Oilboys!!

On second thought, this whole football team thing might not be such a good idea.