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What a relief for all of us that feel that there aren't enough holidays between St. Patrick's Day and Easter.  We can now embrace another great reason to clog up the card aisle. Lo and behold! It's National Make Up Your Own Holiday Day! In its honor I will proudly toot my own horn and present to you my top 11 made-up holidays. 



11)  National Toot My Own Horn Day

10)  National Pretend There Are No Mondays Day

  9)  National Garth Brooks Come To My House Day

  8)  National Win The Lottery Day

  7)  National Eat Nothing But Cookie Dough Day

  6)  National Loafa On a Sofa Day

  5)  National Hang Out With Will Ferrell Day

  4)  National Give Me All Your Legos Day

  3)  National Get Off My Back Day

  2)  National Wear Your Pajamas To Any Place Except Walmart Day

...And my number one made-up holiday is...

  1)  National Get Paid Like a CEO Day

Honorable mentions go to National Seduce Megan Fox Day, and National Play Drums With Van Halen Day.

This day is ours, people!  Make the most out of it.  This video might...might provide a little more inspiration.